1907 Naturally Alkaline - 338 Fl Oz.

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Enjoy a crisp refreshing cup of our 1907 new zealand boxed water. This is a great solution to keep hydrated while camping, boating, having picnics, or keeping around your home or office. Contents includes one 10l bagged water in a box. Due to our natural alkalinity, 1907 water helps balance the bodys acidity levels, by mitigating the negative effects caused by stress, lack of sleep and poor diet. Our ph can vary slightly because we are a natural product, and that is something we are very proud of! 1907 artesian water provides naturally filtered water that challenges the standard of bottled water. Harvested from an ancient new zealand water source that has been refilled by snow-melt and rain for centuries, there is no need for machinery or man-made pressure to refill or aquify our water. Filtered by new zealands remote central plateau, 1907 water is natures remedy for the modern world.
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