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About Time Whey Protein Isolate Strawberry Single Serving (12x1 Oz)

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Enjoy About Time Whey Protein Isolate - Strawberry Single Serving - 1 oz - Case of 12 every day at these amazing prices! Single Serving Convenience DonÍt want to lug around 2 lbs. of your favorite all natural protein powder everywhere you go? No worries„thatÍs why we created Single Serving Packets of About Time whey protein isolate products. Just keep a few packs in your gym bag, your car, your desk drawer, or your suitcase and add cold water or skim milk for a between-meal snack or an ideal post- or pre-workout supplement. About Time single servings contain: Cold processed, micro filtered 100% whey protein isolate 25 grams of protein, 100 calories Zero sugar No artificial sweeteners Lactose and gluten free No growth hormones Available in 7 awesome flavors, including: Banana, Birthday Cake, Chocolate, Cinnamon Swirl, Mocha Mint, Strawberry and Vanilla Most other protein supplements offer misleading labels and health claims, but About TimeÍs high quality whey protein isolate keeps it simple and 100% all natural. The label says it all„we only use five ingredients or less. And you can pronounce every last one of them. Product characteristics include: Cold Processed, Ultra Micro-filtered Whey Isolate, Natural Flavors, Xantham Gum, Stevia. Allergen Statement: Producted in a facility that uses peanut and egg ingredients. Contains Milk and Soy (Lecithin). (Please note: Description is informational only. Always read the product label before use and check with your health professional before using this product)
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