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Welcome to Green Essence Living Affiliate Network! Are you interested or passionate about health and wellness? Do you have a website that focus on health conscious shoppers or businesses who might be interested in nutritional supplements, eco-friendly, natural, organic, and  electronic & natural water ionizers products? With our affiliate program, you can advertise to millions of online health-conscious consumers/businesses and add additional value to your website!

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Spread the word about health-wellness and get paid for your efforts! Join affiliate program through Affiliatly and generate income by advertising our products and referring qualified customers to our website. There is no cost for you to join our program!


Our affiliate program allows you to place links to our web site on your web site. Get paid a commission for each visitor that visit through one of these links and makes a qualified purchase order.

About Affiliate Program

Get paid up to 15% commission advertising our products. It's free to join, just click the link under "How To Join" below and fill out the application. It's really very simple to join. We support you with all of the tools you need as an Affiliate. You can add links to your website and access reports online so you can see how well you're doing as an Affiliate in real-time. We handle the order, shipment, customer service, customer support, and billing. All you do is place the link and get paid!

How does your Affiliate Program works?


There are multiple benefits as to why one may want to join. Here are just some of the benefits affiliates experience when they join our affiliate program.

  • Make money by sharing and advertising. You get paid up to 15% commission advertising our products.
  • Wow your visitors with valuable links to eco-friendly, organic, and natural products and services they might not otherwise have known about.
  • We carry a wide variety of unique and hard to find products.
  • Increase your prominence and stature by selling top brand name health and wellness products to your visitors.
  • We offer a full suite of tools you need as an Affiliate. You can add links to your site and access reports online so you can see how well you're doing as an Affiliate. 
  • 30 day cookie - get the credit you deserve: We will track your referrals and give you credit for any sale that is made within a 30 day window of them clicking your link to our website.
  • Satisfy your visitor by providing them with access to a wide selection of high-quality health products at affordable prices!


What is the Commission Structure?

Get paid up to 15% commission on referrals who make purchases with us. Note that Individual and community-based publishers payout subject to review. Apply to program for details. 5% Flat commission for any coupon/deal/loyalty related website.

How To Join?

We have partnered with the Affiliatly to manage our affiliate program. Ready to start earning commission? Then click on the link below to  join our program: Click here to join.

How often do affiliates get paid?

Verified publishers and "locked" transactions are typically paid by Paypal, Cheque (Western Union), or Gift Card on or around the 20th of the month. $50 Minimum Payout. We must receive a valid W-9 via email or fax before any payments are made. For more details please see terms of service.


That’s it! You send us business, we send you money!