Alkaline Pitcher (Family Size)

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Alkaline Pitcher (Family Size) + 3 Replacement Filters


 Transforms tap water instantly into fresh alkaline water
 Filters contaminants, bad tastes and odors
 Boosts water with minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants
 Saves money, water and wasteful bottles

Features & Benefits

 Alkaline: 9+ pH water  Capacity: 3.5 L (15 cups of 8 oz.)
 Antioxidants: -200 ORP. 0.3 ppm of H2  Filter Life: 2 months @ 1 gallon/day x 3 Replacement Filters
 Filtration: carbon & ion-exchange resin  Size: 11”H x 11”W x 5”D
 Electrolytes: Mg, Ca, K, Na  Cost: only $0.11/liter
 Warranty: 1 year  BPA Free

Big performance, Small Price

The Alkaline Family Pitcher provides fresh, clean alkaline water at a fraction of the price.

Easy to install and use, the Family Pitcher works by simply filling the top reservoir with water and letting it filter through the cartridge. Store it in the fridge, on the counter or even on the go. The filter’s all-natural minerals immediately make alkaline, antioxidant water.

Over half the body is made of water. Don’t miss out on the easiest and best change you can make for better health! Enhanced hydration is only one step away. Even one glass of water makes a difference. Get started today!

How does the mineral mix works?

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