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Electrical Replacement Filters 


These are the replacement filters for the Revelation 2 Under Sink Water Ionizer and also Genesis water ionizers including the Genesis Steel, the Genesis Platinum, the Genesis Platinum 9, as well as the EOS DNA model. The following is a product description for EOS water filters:

When it comes to the water that you drink, it’s extremely important. In fact, not drinking enough water can cause many types of health issues that can be simply resolved by drinking eight glasses of water a day. Whether you’ve been putting drinking your water off because it doesn’t taste “just right”, or it can be difficult to get filtered water. The Genesis and Revelation 2 water filters are extremely high quality and leaders in the filter industry. Both of these filters are made by EOS Hi Tech and are some of the best in under sink water filters.

Each make of filter offers extremely high quality parts as well as water that will taste delicious. No matter what your lifestyle needs or budgets are, we are confidence that these two filters are perfect for any family or individual.

Genesis Water Filter

The easy to use Genesis water filter is one of the most popular brands of filters on the market. It’s popularity is due to the fact that it can be adapted to be used for any type of water. When you run regular tap water through this filter, it has the ability to counter high acidity in the body, body dehydration, and damaging radical activity.

The Genesis water ionizer features:

* 7 platinum titanium plates
* Dual filtration
* Automatic draining system
* Automatic water flow control
* Full size color LCD screen
* Auto-diagnosis system
* ORP and pH control and display
* Smart Filtration Technology
* Made of extremely high quality materials, the Genesis filter is leak prove, and will last you for years to come.

Revelation 2 Under Sink Water Filter

The state-of-the-art Revelation 2 filter is a leader in the area of water ionization. Because of its compact size, the Revelation is perfect for any kitchen of nearly any size! The Revelation under sink filter comes with the following features:

* 16 stage dual filter system
* 76 programmable pH levels
* ORP display
* pH display
* 7 color LCD screen
* Cool running SMPS power system
* Patented slotted plates
* Back with a 5 year, unlimited labor, parts, and shipping warranty—this filter will help you enjoy water!

If you are looking for the Genesis and Revelation 2 replacement filters, look no more! If you have any questions about these filters, please contact us today!

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