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Molecular Hydrogen has been studied extensively in Japan for the last decade, but it has only now arrived in the West. With I LOVE H2 we now have a way to access the training support power of molecular hydrogen as a simple water additive.

Drop one tab of I LOVE H2 into a bottle of water, cap the bottle and wait 5-10 minutes. I LOVE H2 is offered as a sports supplement. This means we make no claims of therapeutic effect. If you are serious about lifting your sporting performance, we encourage you to do your own research. Gymnast and Biochemist Tyler LeBaron has created an excellent information site at www.molecularfoundation.org and you’ll find over 700 scientific studies either complete or in progress.

Molecular Hydrogen is exploding in the scientific community.

How to use I LOVE H2:
Look for either a stainless steel bottle, or a strong glass bottle, or a plastic one. Hydrogen will pass through plastic but not as easily through glass or stainless steel.
• Drop one or two tabs into a bottle.
• Cap the bottle tightly.
• Wait 5-20 minutes.
• Try to drink all the bottle’s contents at one time for max effect.

The smaller the bottle, the more concentrated the molecular hydrogen.

The more concentrated the H2 when taken the better effect.

An amazing breakthrough in technology that supplies the benefits of a $2500+ water ionizer in a dissolvable tablet.

  • I Love H2 is a unique patent-pending formula that transforms regular water to hydrogen infused water.
  • Approximately 3 times the molecular hydrogen per litre than in a $2500+ electronic water ionizer.

Serving size 1 tablet daily (dissolves in water)
Each tablet contains Proprietary Ionic Hydrogen Matrix:

[Maltose, Malic Acid, Magnesium, Magnesium (Magnesium oxide), Magnesium (Magnesium malate), Fumaric acid

FAQs: Click here on I Love H2 FAQs

I Love H2 (60 tablets) Plus Free Shipping

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