Mushroom Emperors 120 TAB

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24/case directions: take four (4) tablets daily or two (2) tablets twice a day. Suitable for vegetarians. Serving size: four (4) tablets ingredients: maitake (grifola frondosa) fruiting body powder 120 mg agaricus (agaricus blazei murill) fruiting body ext 40 mg lion's main (hericium erianceus) fruiting body extract 40 mg shiitake (lentinus edodes) fruiting body extract blend 40 mg tremella (tremella fuciformis) fruiting body extract 40 mg maitake fruiting body proprietary extract, td-fraction 40 mg maitake fruiting body proprietary extract, psx-fraction 40 mg lion's main fruiting body proprietary ext, amycenone 40 mg *** meshima fruiting body extract, pl-fraction 40 mg chaga (inonotus obliquus) sclerotium extract 40 mg cordyceps (cordyceps sinensis) mycelium extract 40 mg coriolus (coriolus versicolor) fruiting body extract 40 mg poria (poria cocos) sclerotium double extract 40 mg reishi (ganoderma lucidum) fruiting body double extract 40 mg vitamin c 80 mg other ingredients: dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, hydroxypropyl methlycellulose, glycerin. Contains no gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 04/10/17