Natural Water Ionizers

Healthy water, Healthy life, right? We found that many customers currently known water in the level of filtration, not alkaline, many still don't have ideas as to what is the function of the natural alkaline water ionizer? It alkalizes and ionizes the water as it passes though almost a pound of slow release pure magnesium plus calcium and the naturally occurring minerals are dissolved into the water. It uses simple chemistry that abounds in nature – and no electricity. Simply creates hydrogen gas (H2) by passing water over magnesium metal. We now have an abundance (could say trillions) of these hydrogen molecules output water. A hydrogen atom is often called the primal antioxidant because of its unique ability to attract the most toxic free radicals within the body. When they unite with these free radicals they reform into H2O. Hydrogen easily passes through body tissue and into the cells, so a daily supply of hydrogen is a constant detoxifier at very low cost to you. Hydrogen has been studied in well over 80 disease-specific scientific studies. The 2 free hydrogen atoms unite to create therapeutic molecular hydrogen. As we consume molecular hydrogen, one glass at a time, we receive the best water available, which is negatively charged and rich in the universe's most powerful antioxidant, Molecular Hydrogen (H2 gas). Get pH 9.5 alkaline, antioxidant-rich in your home, for less than the price of bottled water! Interesting in knowing more, checkout our natural alkaline water ionizer today!