Adult Nasal Irrigator 1 EA

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48/case each unit contains: irrigator, 10 salt packs, travel case how to use nasaline 1. Mix half a (1/2) teaspoon of salt into one (1) cup of water (ca 2.5 grams salt into 1/4 liter water). Stir to dissolve the salt. 2. extract the saline solution completely into the syringe. 3. stand (or sit) slightly bent over a bathroom sink, washbasin, or bathtub. Put the silicone tip against the nose so that it completely seals the nostril. Slowly push the saline solution up into the nostril. Breathe normally (or say aaah...) through the mouth and refrain from swallowing. When the saline solution reaches the back of the nasal cavity, the palate closes automatically by reflex. The saline solution *** fills the nasal cavity and proceeds to pour out of the nostril as it brings along unwanted mucous and crusty secretions. Occasionally, some of the saline solution can trickle down the throat. This is not harmful. A proper flushing should take anywhere from 3-7 seconds per nostril depending on level of congestion, narrowness of ones nasal passages or personal preference. Repeat the process for other nostril. 4. use a tissue to gently blow out any remaining solution in the nose. Some of the saline solution can remain in the nose and trickle out a few hours later. Tilting your head forward and turning side to side immediately after flushing can prevent this. If you are severely congested, the saline solution can reach the sinus channels and can occasionally drip out of the eyes. This is not harmful and can be *** prevented by flushing more slowly. Dosage: use one (1) or two (2) full syringes for each nostril in the morning and evening or at any time as necessary.4/24/12