Alpha CF 120 TAB

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12/case directions: place under tongue & let dissolve. Take 15 minutes before or half hour after eating, brushing teeth, or drinking anything other than water. Adults & children 12+: at first sign of cold or flu, take 1 tablet every hour & 2 or 3 tablets before going to sleep. As symptoms subside, take 1 tablet every 2-3 hours. Children 2-12: half the adult dose. Consult a doctor if symptoms worsen or do not improve. Ingredients (hpus): aconitum napellus 4x 2.5 parts bryonia alba 4x 2.5 parts eucalyptus globulus 2x 1 part ipecacuanha 3x 2.5 parts eupatorium perfoliatum 2x 2.5 parts phosphorus 6x 2.5 parts gelsemium sempervirens 4x 2.5 parts lactose based tablets 01/03/17