The Ultrastream Natural Health System

The beauty and magic of Ultrastream is that it works exactly like nature to filter, alkalise and naturally energizes water, returning it to its natural pristine state. It works very simply, like a natural aquifer, so requires no power or high voltages, produces no waste water and gives you about 3 times more molecular hydrogen than electrical gadgets 5 times the price.

The Ultrastream Benchtop


Ultrastream is the natural result of Australian Ingenuity and Californian quality. It brings the joy of a fresh mountain spring right into your own home and bathes your body cells in a super rich sea of naturally generated, selective antioxidants. I guess, like most people, there is a question going round your head right now, that you know you need to ask, but don’t want to appear ignorant? Right? Ok, so I’ll ask it for you What on earth is molecular hydrogen?

You probably know something about antioxidants, taken vitamin c, a, e, eat fresh fruits and veg, right? So, the simple way to think of it is ANTI (against) OXIDANT (oxygen) – seems wrong, no? Counter intuitive? Well there are a bunch of things called free radicals in the body which are basically loose cannons of oxygen – some are good and some are bad – a bit like the cowboys of the wild west. Oxidation is best known to us non scientific types as RUST – not good for your car or for your body, so that’s why we need the anti – oxidants.

Well, hydrogen is a good cowboy antioxidant and it can teams up against these loose cannons oxidants in two ways, and here is the beauty, magic and genius of nature at work again, it targets only the baddies – in particular the evil ringleader radical hydroxyl and his nasty henchman peroxynitrite – real bad dudes. They go about freely shooting holes in your precious cells, taking bites out of them, kicking them around. The result for you is breakdown of cells, aging, wrinkles and choking the cells off from the good water they badly need.


So along come two of the molecular hydrogen good guys, you see you gotta outnumber the bad guys if you want to beat them. They gang up in pairs against each bad hydroxyl electron, one on either side, and both slap him in handcuffs and form, guess what….. a clue, two hydrogen one oxygen??? You got it, H2O – like magic – turns the bad hydroxyl guy into water – so beautiful and simple. They melt together back into the super rich sea of selective antioxidants and live happily ever after. The other cool part is that it not only leaves the good guy free radicals alone to get on with doing all the repair and healing work the body and skin cells need but also increases the levels of some of the most
important antioxidant enzymes the body produces, such as ….taa daa … introducing one of the real super heroes “superoxide dismutase”.


NO OTHER antioxidant can do this so effectively, no vitamin supplement, no vegetable or fruit – this beautiful little hydrogen electron – the first element in the periodic table, the very first element created in the universe at the BIG BANG, the one thing that ALL other elements of the universe are made from, the  SMALLEST atom in the universe gets right down deep into the finest part of the body, it’s cells, the mitochondria and CLEANS EVERYTHING OUT. This little hydrogen good guy becomes your personal sharpshooter bodyguard to selectively knock out the oxidative stress and the unhealthy inflammatory conditions associated with it and leading to heart disease, organ damage, age related memory decline, cancers and chronic fatigue.

So you end up with rejuvenating cells, undoing sun damage, restoring skin elasticity, smoothing wrinkles, natural anti aging at its simplest and best – by just drinking the RIGHT WATER leaving you totally revived and revitalised and LOOKING GOOD. NOW if that isn't enough, Hydrogen’s also got another major ace up its sleeve. yep, the old
ANTIINFLAMMATORY trick. So we all know how humans learn best, right? If we’re really honest its a four letter word……..starts with P? …...Yep, its our old friend PAIN. We generally end up waiting till we hurt till we do something about our problems. Or, fact is, with health we don't often know we have a problem until the pain hits us, but we
have those nagging little signs along the way that are easy to ignore because we’re too busy, or too tired or too this or too that……..would that be fair to say?
So the inflammation hits us, pain, in so many forms it finds the weaknesses in our system and digs in


SO, how does our old buddy, Sheriff H2 help out? 2 main ways…..

1) Directly targets the pain zones as an anti inflammatory sends in the cavalry where the wagons are circled round a pain zone and picks off the bad guys again.

2) Preventatively by setting up early warning signals that work deep in your individual body cell communication lines. Sheriff H2 has his guys out there on patrol, scouting, ears to the ground and keeps an eye on everything by helping with “CELL SIGNALLING”. He’s really good at preventing trouble and cutting short the inflammation route stopping
it dead in its tracks before it can even get a foothold.

How it simply works is…… SO the bottom line is, H2 is about letting nature’s little genius getting on and doing in the body what it was born to do and needs to do to keep us healthy. The body knows what to do, we just need to get out of the way, stop blocking it and giving it the basic supplies it needs, starting with the most basic of fundamentals, after air, High Quality Hydration that has all the natural qualities that nature intended.


The Ultrastream Undersink


So, Chug a lug and see ya next time. For those technical scientific type minds here is a rough translation – Increasing the intake of Molecular Hydrogen is not always straight forward. Hydrogen is, after all, the most abundant molecule in the universe. Molecular Hydrogen, consumed through drinking hydrogen rich water has been found to be an antioxidant, specific for the hydroxyl radical and peroxynitrite – 2 very active, though thankfully short lived free radicals that the body has no other defence against. Excess
levels of these free radicals can damage virtually all types of macromolecules: carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids and amino acidsÍž are implicated in neurological autoimmune diseases and cannot be eliminated by an enzymatic reaction but require antioxidants. Drinking Hydrogen rich Water can help to minimise the effects of these free radicals.

Molecular Hydrogen also increases the levels of some of the most important antioxidant enzymes the body produces, such as superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and catalase. These enzymes help keep the levels of free radicals in check and help prevent oxidative stress and the health conditions and Magic of UltraStream associated with it, such as heart disease, organ damage, age related memory decline, cancers and chronic fatigue. In addition these enzymes are an integral part of the body’s natural detoxification
processes. They are essential to modify toxins into a form the body can easily eliminate. As part of a detox regime increasing molecular hydrogen, and through this increasing the body’s natural antioxidant defences, allows more of the bodies resources to be used for healing, and eliminating toxins.

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