Turmeric+ AM Ache Control 60 VGC

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12/case directions: take two (2) capsules in the morning or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not take during pregnancy. Suitable for vegetarians. Serving size: two (2) veggie caps ingredients: turmeric root extract 200 mg (190 mg curcuminoids) ashwagandha root 140 mg white willow bark extract 100 mg (25 mg salicin) corydalis root 70 mg st. John's wort flowering herb 70 mg ginkgo leaf 70 mg skullcap aerial parts 50 mg *** stillingia root 50 mg red root 50 mg cayenne fruit 20 mg black pepper extract 10 mg other ingredients: modified vegetable cellulose 100% gluten free/no dairy (milk or lactose)/no soy 08/23/19