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Thanks for your interest in Green Essence Living where Green Living Integration brings Good Things to Life!  We appreciate you stopping by and know your time here will be well spent!  We'll be in touch with an answer to your inquiry within 24 to 48 hours.  We can also be reach by clicking here on our new Guestbook.  Be sure to leave us a message.  We would love to hear from you!  In the meantime, to get a better understanding of Green Essence Living let us quickly share some valuable information that we know will be of interest to you.

First, we are a excellent source for high-quality eco-friendly, natural, and organic products that can be acquired here at affordable prices deliver to your front door!   Secondly, we desire to be your premier natural health food store of choice by offering single/bulk quantities in-line with our valued customers and businesses wants and needs.  Thirdly, here at Green Essence Living, we specialize in “innovative, great-tasting, hard-to-find foods” –  including many natural and organic foods.  Lastly, Green Essence Living guarantees that you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and personal care by all our staff - from customer service to customer support, and everyone in between.  

Moreover, central to our philosophy is that we are not in possession of the land from which our products spring but rather are its stewards.  In all our activities we will show reverence to Mother Nature and the natural order at all times.  One author states it best by writing that "Green living doesn’t have to be a radically different way of life.  At its heart, Green living is simply embracing a commonsensical old-fashioned way of life and old-fashioned values."   By returning to origin, we can to get back to the simple, productive methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden.  In doing so, we believe we can return to origin by supporting an environment that’s conducive to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced earth.

Here at Green Essence Living, we are very much concern about Global warming - the rising of temperatures across the planet.  Global warming is caused by human activities associated with industrialization, economic development, and deforestation.  The carbon dioxide emissions plays a central role in thinning our earth's ozone layer with the end results of trapping heat inside the atmosphere.  Alarmingly, Global warming has accelerated in the past two decades, and increasing temperatures will gradually cause devastating changes on our planet unless we reverse our course of actions and get back to Green living sustain on eco-friendly, natural, and organic products.

We are strong advocates of Green living by supporting manufacturers that promote a less toxic environment, reduction of off farm pollution, and building healthier soil.  This directly benefit our customers through the yield of healthy crop plants that have optimum vigor and are less susceptible to pest coupled with increase nutrients in produce, with higher levels of vitamins and mineral found in natural and organic foods.  Studies have shown that the antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral content of organic foods is significantly higher.  The growing lack of these nutrients, coupled with steadily increasing exposure to harmful chemicals and food additives, makes it unsurprising that chronic disease is at an all-time high.

Green Essence Living seeks to reverse the order of things by emphasizing a return to origin - "... Stand by the roadways and look.  Ask about the ancient paths: Which is the way to what is good?  Then take it and find rest for yourselves."  Together we can make an impact on our planet earth and environment by buying, enjoying, and sharing single and bulk eco-friendly, natural, and organic products with everyone to produce healthier lifestyles starting now and for generations to come.  It’s our hope here at Green Essence Living that you will enjoy shopping from the ease of your home or business!  It’s fun and interactive!  It reduce waste.  It reduce transport miles and carbon emissions. 

We would like to encourage all in reducing, reusing, and recycling to lower overall energy consumption and minimize the overall environmental impact.  We invite you to live in harmony with Mother Nature natural laws that governs our environment by taking action to reduce waste, reduce water and energy consumption, and help protect our planet.  We would like to encourage you to shop consciously.  We look forward to earning your confidence and trust.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit



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