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General Questions:

Q:  Do you add more products as time goes along?

Yes, products are added regularly as our current vendors add new products to their product lines and as we take on new vendors. We also offer monthly specials and other deals.

Q:  How long does it take to ship an order? 

We will ship your orders using either FedEx, UPS, or USPS.  All items are shipped with a verified tracking number for online tracking and delivery confirmation. Standard delivery time is 1-6 business days for continental US destinations. Any orders received over the weekend will not process for shipment until Monday morning. 

Q: Is there a minimum order?

No, we do not require a minimum order.

Q:  What are your shipping rates?

We currently use FedEx as our main shipping service.  How your shipping rates calculated are posted on our website under 'Shipping Policy'.

Q: What is your return policy?

See our Shipping & Return web page for details.

Please Note: Returns are not allowed for international shipments and if a product is returned to us because it was not cleared in customs, you will be responsible for any additional shipment charges.

Q:  Can I just purchase one product at a time or do you only sell in bulk?  

Yes. We do sell some of our items as singles including health/beauty products, vitamins, supplements, cleaning products, household items, and seasonings/spices. Likewise, food items are sold in 3, 6, or 12 packs. With the cost of shipping, it makes sense for consumers to purchase multiple items at one time for bigger savings.

Q: How do I shop or place an online order? 

You are welcome to browse our site for as long as you need to – search our products, read the comprehensive information and add items to your shopping cart. You don't need to register for this.

You can also add things to your shopping cart and they will be saved for you until you are ready to place your order.

When you are ready to checkout you will be given 3 options. Existing customer login. New Customer login. Guest account. We always recommend setting up an account as then you can receive our newsletters and special offers.

Create an Account

To shop online you will need to have a valid email address, a phone number and the ability to pay by either debit or credit card.

 When you are ready to buy you can click checkout from your shopping cart or at the top-right of the page. If you have not already registered with us, you will be prompted to create an account before you can place the order, you can create a guest account or setup an account with us.

To create an account, you will need to choose a user name (we recommend that you use your email address for this) and a password. Your username cannot be changed once it has been created. All other details can be amended in ‘Your Account’.

For security purposes Green Essence Living staff are unable to see the password you create so please ensure that you keep your own record of the password you choose.

Fill in the details you are happy to share with us. Remember an address will be essential if you want a delivery from us. When it is complete just click the Create My Account button. Now you can place your order.

Find what you want to buy

Finding the things you want can be done in different ways:

1) By category

On the home page of the shop, click on one of the pictures in the center of the screen or by the menu tabs along the top. You will be presented with a list of sections. Click on one to browse the product list.

To return to where you were, use your back button on the browser.

Alternatively, use the tabs along the top of the site to navigate through the different categories of products available.

You can also use the filter on the bottom of the Home Page to filter by Popular Brands.

2) Quick search

Use our search facility by typing what you're looking for in the Search box. Click the Magnify Glass button. Any results found will be listed for you.

If you need further information on any of the products click on the product name or image and you will then be taken to the Product Details page. Here you will find all of the information you need relating to the product including

  • A detailed description
  • A list of the main ingredients
  • A larger image

If you would like more information on a product or think anything is wrong with the product details, please use the contact box on the product page to ask any questions. Or email info@greenessenceliving.com for more information.

Returning Customers

If you are a returning customer who has already placed an order, you will find all the things you have previously bought from us are listed in Completed which can be found under your My Account. Note that to use Completed you will need to be logged in your account. You can also find your previous orders by clicking on Completed and Your Completed Orders will be shown. From here it is possible to repeat entire orders at the click of a button or simply select some items from a previous order to add to your shopping cart.

Doing Your Shopping

Add your shopping to your virtual shopping cart by clicking the ADD button. If you want to order more than one of anything you can either click the ADD button again until the number you wish to buy are in your shopping cart, or you can enter the number in the box above the ADD button before you click ADD. Once you click ADD you will see the Loading sign appear and then a message on your shopping cart confirming how many items are in it. Your shopping cart can be accessed at the top-right of the screen

(Note that if you are shopping on a tablet then the shopping cart will only update when you refresh the page.)

When you are happy that your shopping is completed, and your details are correct you can click the Checkout button. It is next to your shopping cart at the top-right of the screen.


When you have finished shopping you will need to checkout - click the Proceed to Checkout button when you have finished viewing the shopping cart. If you have not previously registered with us, you will be prompted to do so. You will not be able to continue without registering an account or proceeding as a guest checkout.

Please check that your billing and delivery addresses are correct and enter your card details. So, you can be sure that your details are secure, at checkout you are transferred via a secure server to the payment gateway server, a 128bit SSL encrypted secure page where you complete your order. Green Essence Living does not "Store your card for future use". Green Essence Living staff cannot access any credit or debit card details.

If you're not logged in you will be asked to do so, and then you will be shown a delivery address.

If this is not the address you want the goods to be delivered to, then please enter the correct address details.

If the delivery address is not the same as the billing address (this must be the address your payment card is registered to) please check the box under ‘Billing Address’. Now enter the correct billing address.

Once the details are correct, click the Proceed button.  If you want to make a last-minute change to your shopping cart, click the Edit Your Shopping cart button.

1) Place your order

Review the items and quantities you are ordering and check the delivery and billing addresses are correct. If you wish to change them at this point click the Edit Your Shopping cart button. To change your shopping cart, you must then amend that page. To change delivery or billing details, simply press Checkout again and it will take you through the delivery page.

There is a section called non-delivery comments below your delivery details. Please put in any special requests, for example, if you need the goods by a specific date, are on holiday or wish to purchase an item that is not showing as available in the web store. A member of staff will contact you to arrange your request.

2) Payment method

We currently accept any credit or debit card with a MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB logo, or PayPal.

3) Confirm order

If everything is OK, then click the Confirm Order Now button. Note that clicking the button indicates that you agree with our Term and Conditions.

That's it, you're done. Now it's up to us.

Our Part

As soon as we receive your order we begin the processing. It's all very simple and straightforward and you'll be kept up-to-date throughout.

Q: How do I create an account?

To be able to shop online from Green Essence Living you will need to create an account (register) with us.

To do this you will need a valid email address and a contact phone number. Setting up an account will allow you to order without having to fill in your name and address details every time you shop and will also give additional benefits such as receiving our regular newsletters. You will also be one of the first to know when we have special offers and discounts.

If you are placing your first order and have not yet created your account, then you will be asked to do so before you checkout. You will be asked to provide details of your delivery address and your billing address if this is different. Your billing address will need to be the same as the billing address that your card provider holds on record for you. Please be very careful to enter your email address correctly to ensure you receive email communications about your order.

If you are creating your account before placing your first order, then creating the account will trigger an email to be sent to the email address that you are registering with so that you can validate your email address. Please follow the link in the email you receive to validate your account ready for you to place your order at your convenience.

Once registered, you can update your details using the Sign in. If you need to change your delivery address, simply click on Your Address Book. Then you can add, edit and remove shipping and billing destinations from your address book. You must be logged in to access these.

Q: How do I find the products I want?

To find products on our site you can use the search box, in the right-side top of the screen, or enter relevant departments to look for items.

With the exception of products tagged ‘We're sorry this item is currently unavailable' everything on our website is available to purchase online. 

Filter Your Search

There are two ways to filter your search lists:

1) Filter a Popular Brands

Click on the Popular Brands you would like to view. All Popular Brands can be viewed from the menu along the bottom of the page below the Newsletter field.

2) Filter your search results

Search for the item you wish - using the search field at the top of the page.

Click the filter on the left of the screen. You can choose for your search results to only show you specific diet types (organic, alkaline water, vitamins, gluten free, or etcetera.

Can't find a product?

If there is something that you would like to buy but you can’t find it on our site, please contact us by email giving as much detail as you can, and we will try to find the product for you. Or use the 'Request a product' contact form at the bottom of the home page.

We update our product and stock listings daily, so please check back in.

All stock is allocated to orders on a 'first come first served' basis so it is possible that an item has been sold out when we process your order even though there was stock available when you placed your order. Rest assured that we will email you details of any products that we have sold out of. By the time you receive the email, the product will already be in our supply chain.

Q: How do I know that you received my order?

Once you have placed your order you will see an order confirmation screen thanking you for your purchase. You will also be sent a confirmation email with the details for your records. This email does not, however, indicate that your order has begun to be processed. If an item you have ordered has sold out, we will let you know the following day.

Once we have processed your order you will receive a second email from us detailing what has been processed and what we will be sending. When the order has been delivered we will email again telling you the package tracking reference number and the courier company that will be delivering it. By visiting the courier's website this tracking number will show the progress of your delivery.

Q: Can I change my order after placing it?

We can accept amendments to orders by phone or email. We require a minimum of 24 hours' notice before the package is packed and delivered to ensure changes take effect.

Unfortunately, once an order has been packed we are unable to make any amendments or additions to the items on it.

Your order will be processed, and you will receive an email as soon as it has been delivered. Upon delivery, if any items are unsuitable, please follow our Returns Procedure. Please note, perishable items such as bread or fresh fruit and vegetables cannot be returned, we can only accept the return or cancellation of items that are undamaged and in their original packaging.

Q: What payment options are accepted?

The Payment page used at Green Essence Living is secure and you can safely enter your card details to pay for your order. We accept the following methods of payment: MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB logo, or PayPal.

Please enter the card details. The site will recognize if it is an accepted card type.

To maintain security and prevent fraud all credit and debit cardholders are subject to validation and authorization by both us and the card issuer. Internet Fraud is Illegal, and perpetrators will be prosecuted in all cases.

Please ensure that the billing address details exactly match those entered on the card statement of the card you are using. The biggest cause of card payments failing is inaccuracies in billing address details, so care should be taken, please.

Q: When will I be charged?

When you place an order with Green Essence Living you are authorizing us to take a payment from your card for the full total of the order. That authorization involves your bank reserving funds from your account against the future settlement. 

This money is not received by Green Essence Living at the time the order is placed, it is merely 'ring fenced' by your bank in view of the fact that you have authorized Green Essence Living to take a payment from your account.

Once your order is ready to be packed we will take payment for the goods that are being sent to you. If we have had to cancel any items from your order due to them having sold out and being unavailable, the money we take will be less than the amount of the original order. If you have requested an item be added to your order, the amount taken will be more than the original order.

For further clarification please contact your bank for details.

Q: How do I enter a promotional (or gift certificate) code?

Promotional Codes

From time to time Green Essence Living will send out emails and newsletters which include an offer code you can use when you place an order.

After you have entered your card details, just below this you will find a box headed Coupon Code'. Please enter your code in this box and press ‘Go’. If your order meets the criteria set out in the email for the offer, then it will be added to your shopping cart.

If the offer does not appear to have worked, please check that you have met the criteria for the offer detailed in the email and enter the code carefully again before clicking ‘Go’.

Online Gift Certificates (Received by email)

If you have an online gift certificate, then the code you receive in the gift certificate email should be entered the Redeem Gift Certificate box just below the Coupon Code box. We recommend that you use the copy and paste function to ensure that the code you use is identical to the code in the gift certificate.

Highlight the code by clicking the mouse on the first letter. Holding the left button of the mouse down, drag along the code with the mouse arrow. When the last letter of the code has been highlighted remove your finger from the left button of the mouse. On the keyboard hold down Ctrl and press C. (This copies the code to your computer's memory).

(If you do not use a mouse please refer to your computer's copy & paste instructions.)

Now go to the checkout page on our website and click on the gift certificate box. Hold down Ctrl and press V. This will paste the code from the computer's memory into the Redeem Gift Certificate.

Now click ‘Go’ button and the gift certificate will be deducted from your order.

If the total of your order is less than the value of the gift certificate, then the unused part of the gift certificate will remain on the voucher and can be used on your next order.

If the total of your order is more than the value of the gift voucher, then your card will be charged for the balance of the order when we delivery it.

Online gift certificate can be purchased here.

Q: Is there a discount for ordering bulk?

Yes. See our Wholesale Option web page for details.

All discounts will be clearly shown in the shopping cart before checkout.  

Q: Can I track my order?

You can track the progress of your order using a unique tracking reference number. We will email this to you when the package has been delivered.

Accurate information about where your package is can be obtained from the courier’s website by entering this unique number.

For further information, you can also email our Customer Service Team who will look into this for you.

Q: What should I do if something is missing from my order?

If you have ordered bulk items, you have paid delivery per unit and for that reason sometimes your goods will be delivered on different dates. We will always endeavor to let you know by email if this is the case.

Where we have not been able to obtain a sold-out item that is not a bulk unit, we kindly ask that you add this to your next order.

If the delivery note says an item should be in your package but it isn't, please contact us letting us know which item(s) are missing.

Q: What should I do if my package is damaged?

Damaged Items

Your package will be packed as carefully as possible, but damages can occur when couriers transport the goods. You have the right to refuse a package if it appears damaged.

When you accept a damaged package, you take on certain obligations:

  • To record any damage and provide photo evidence of the specific damage
  • To make a member of the web store team aware of which item/s were lost to damage and their value
  • To complete any questionnaires sent from the courier service to confirm further details
  • To retain any damaged packaging for inspection by the courier 

Please contact the Customer Service Team as soon as possible with a clear photo of each damaged item, and an account of what proportion of each was lost to damage. 

After you have reported the damage to us you may receive a questionnaire from our courier to confirm some further details, they may also request an inspection of the damaged packaging. Please retain the packaging until their investigation is complete. Fill in any requested forms and send them back via the Freepost envelope they will provide.

If you call or email us we will always do our utmost to help.   

Damages - Refund of Payment                                                     

When photos have been received and it is clear what was lost to damage, we will gladly process your refund.

Debit/Credit Card Payments

The refund will be applied to the card used for payment of the amount of the products returned. Refunds cannot be processed to any alternative cards and no cheque payments will be made for items paid for by cards.

Replacement of Products

If you have requested a replacement for an unwanted or damaged product, the replacement will be sent after we have collected the original product. We are unable to send out the replacement until we have received the original item in the store.

Replacement of Fresh Products

We cannot replace fresh fruit and vegetables due to seasonal availability and size discrepancies. We will only refund any costs to your card and request that you make a new order for any items you wish to buy.

Q: Do I have to be at home when the delivery arrives?

The best way to ensure that you receive your order safely and can report any problems quickly is for someone to be at home to receive the package from the courier. Alternatively, many people have their order delivered to their workplace. Whilst the billing address must match your card details, the delivery address can be anywhere you specify.

If you have a secure place where you would like the package to be left, or a neighbor who will take responsibility for receiving the package, please enter the details in the 'Delivery Instructions' box when you place your order.

Please be aware that Green Essence Living cannot accept responsibility for missing/non-delivered packages if you have asked for a package to be left outside and it has subsequently disappeared.

Q: I've not received my package, yet the status is delivered?

If our courier was unable to reach you when they tried to deliver your goods, they may have delivered the package to one of your neighbors. You should have received a card from the courier explaining this has happened. If having tried your neighbors your package is still missing, please use the tracking number we have sent you by email. If for some reason this fails, please contact our Customer Service Team and we will go through your options.

Q: Why has my order been returned to you rather than delivered?

The most common reason for this is because the courier attempted delivery and was unable to obtain a signature for delivery. You can check the reason by following the tracking link that was emailed to you in your delivery confirmation email.

Orders returned to us as damaged are generally refunded. If the reason the package has been returned is that delivery was attempted but was not collected, we may be able to resend the package out to you. Further postage charges may apply.

Q: Can I return something I am not happy with?


If you are unhappy with your products and it has been less than 30 days since you received your order, we will accept the return of the goods and will refund the cost of the returned items providing that the goods are unopened, and the seals are intact.

This does not apply to fresh and perishable foods.

Green Essence Living Extended Returns Policy

To receive a refund, it is critical that you can answer YES to all these questions:

  • All the products are unopened, unused and the seals fully intact?
  • Are the items in your possession?
  • Are all the products in their original undamaged packaging?
  • Did you order the items less than 30 days ago?

Shipping costs on returns

For all goods returned where there is no fault with the goods, the entire shipping costs pertaining to the return will be borne by the customer.

Shipping costs for goods returned by couriers due to failed delivery attempt(s)/non-collection of goods by the customer at the courier depot will be borne by the customer.

Our Returns Procedure

It is very important to follow the returns procedure. It will help us process your request faster and ensure that we can refund your money as soon as possible.

Packaging the Items

Re-pack all the items you want to return into the original box, packing with the filler provided to ensure that the items are protected in transit. Re-seal the box well with tape and stick the returns label with the Returns Number over the original postal address label on the box.

If you no longer have the original packaging materials, please use an appropriate substitute and ensure that the items are packed with suitable filler to protect them.

Please note that any items that are damaged in transit will be ineligible for a refund. It is therefore important that you take great care in packing all the items.

Posting the Items

We cannot be held responsible for items lost or delayed in the postal system. It is critical that you obtain Proof of Postage.

Please send any returns to the following address:

Return Address

Green Essence Living, 1301 West 7th Street, Suite 1557, Frederick, MD 21702

Receipt of Items

When the package is received by us, you will be sent an email letting you know your items have been returned. We will then process the package and confirm that each of the items is in the same condition they were when delivered. They must all comply with the following rules:

  • All the products are in their original undamaged packaging.
  • All the products are unopened, unused and the seals fully intact.

Please note that any items that do not comply with the above rules will be ineligible for a refund.

Q: When will I get my refund?

If you have returned items to us, then as soon as we have confirmed that the items are in good condition we will process the refund. Your refund will be processed electronically on the same card that payment was taken from.

Q: Why have I been refunded for an item instead of exchanged?

You will receive a refund if we are unable to provide a suitable replacement for an item. We cannot provide replacements for fresh fruit and vegetables due to seasonal availability and size issues.

Q: Why has my order been cancelled?

The most common reason we for having to cancel an entire order is that a product is not currently in stock and the supplier of the goods cannot provide us with them in a reasonable timescale. We will always let you know if there is to be a delay or if we have had to cancel an order. We only take payment at delivery, so the order authorization is also cancelled, and we will not take payment.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

We will try our best to cancel your order, however, please be aware that we can only cancel if payment has not been taken. You can either cancel your entire order or individual items.

If you wish to cancel your order or items on it, email us with the following information and we will process your cancellation promptly.

Information Required:

  • Full Name
  • Order Number

Email Address: info@greenessenceliving.com

If you cancel prior to delivery and you have paid by credit or debit cards, your payment will be cancelled. No money will be taken, and you will see no transaction on your bank statement.

Once payment has been taken, your order is already on its way to you and we won't be able to stop it. Many items can be returned free of charge if you decide you don't want them.

Q: Do you send substitutes for sold out items?


If you would like any out of stock items in your order substituted for others, please contact our Customer Services Team.

If you do not contact us, then we will hold the order for up to 7 days as the items are likely to be in our supply chain.

If you would prefer us to send the order without waiting please click the send my order now button on your order page, or in the out of stock email.

Q: How do I create or change my password?

For your account security, you will be asked to set up a password to your account. We recommend that your password should be at least 10 characters long and should contain upper and lower-case letters and at least one punctuation mark.

If you are unable to remember your password, you can reset it yourself online here. We will email you a new password. Please allow at least thirty minutes and remember to check your Spam folder.

Once you receive the email you can login using your username and the password contained in the email. We recommend that you use the copy and paste function on your computer to transfer the password from the email to the website:

Highlight the password by clicking the mouse on the first letter. Holding the left button of the mouse down, drag along the password with the mouse arrow. When the least letter of the password has been highlighted remove your finger from the left button of the mouse. On the keyboard hold down Ctrl and press C. This copies the password to your computer's memory.

Now go to the website login and enter your username. Click on the password box. Hold down Ctrl and press V. This will paste the password from the computer's memory into the password box.

Click Sign in. The website will log you in.

At this point please go to My Account and change the password for a memorable one of your choice.

Please note that to enhance security, your password is known only to you - it is not possible for staff at Green Essence Living to see it at any time.

Q: Are my card details secure?

You can shop at Green Essence Living secure in the knowledge that your details are safe. To enhance security, we do not hold any card details that you submit to us. You will, therefore, need to enter your card details each time you order with us.

The Green Essence Living website is licensed as a secure shop with 256-bit encryption. This means that your card details are encrypted as soon as you enter them and can only be read by our payment service provider - not by any Green Essence Living staff.

Q: Can I repeat my last order?

By logging into the Green Essence Living website and going to 'My Account' (use the tab on the right of the screen) you can view your past orders with Green Essence Living. Click on the ‘Completed’ box to view.

You can then repeat any of your past orders by clicking on the ‘View Order Detail’ and ‘Reorder’ button at the bottom-right of the list of products.

Alternatively, you may select products from your past orders to add to your shopping cart by clicking the Add buttons next to those items.

If you want to see a list of all the products you have bought from us, then you should choose the ‘Completed’ box from your My Account page.

Q: I've forgotten my login details. What can I do?

When you want to shop with us or access your account, we ask you to log in. If you find that your username or password is not recognized, please make sure you are using the same username and password that you used when you registered with us.

If you can't remember your password, select the ‘Forgot your password’ box on the log-in page, it will take you to this page Change Your Password. It will then ask for your username.

You can change your password or email address at any time just signing in to My Account.

If you still have problems logging in to your account, please contact us.


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