Wholesale Eco-Friendly, Natural, and Organic Products for Retailers

At Green Essence Living, we supply a variety of eco-friendly, natural, and organic products for retail businesses.  We serve families and businesses of all sizes.  These wholesale items come at very low prices while retaining the level of quality you and your customers have come to expect. We reliably deliver orders across the 48 continental United States to your doorsteps, so you can depend on us to meet your needs. 

Why buy Wholesale?

Wholesale buying comes with many advantages for businesses that plan to sell eco-friendly, natural, and organic products.  By buying items in bulk, you can receive large quantities for a more competitive price.  With large quantities of a item on hand you can keep shelves stocked for longer and keep customers coming back for their favorite brands.  Where the money you save through buying wholesale can increase your gross profit or pass savings on to the customer. 

To benefit the most out of wholesale buying strategy, you need to find a reliable wholesaler.  In addition to low-cost prices, Green Essence Living offers the following advantages to help your business grow:

We offer wholesale pricing to approved retailers, nurseries, distributors, commercial farms, food service industries, co-ops, schools, or health care professionals.  We offer wholesale on single/bulk order pricing on all items in our store.  That's over 40,000+ items you can choose from for your families, business, school, online store, restaurant, or other organization.  We are dedicated to forging strong relationships with our customers.

We take pride in provide personal service and being flexible to the needs of businesses.  We offer fast and efficient wholesale on single/bulk order services across the United States.  We take pride in providing our wholesale customers with a competitive business advantage by offering special savings for retailers that purchase in single/bulk to encourage large volume orders.  If your business desires a competitive advantage, we can help. 

How to get started buying Wholesale? 

For wholesale customers looking to really expand their customer-based or looking to really drive down the price of their orders, then you have come to the right place. Get started today and get the competitive advantage that will place you a step or two above your competitors.

It's easy as 1, 2, and 3.  Just follow the simple steps below to sign up and start placing orders immediately.

Step 1.  Click on the link here to sign up for a wholesale account today. 

Step 2.  Email us with your EIN and reseller permit to avoid any sales tax.

Step 3.  We verify your business account in 1-3 business day.

Please contact us below for additional questions/concerns.

No Minimum Orders!    No Monthly Order Requirements!   Order in singles, 2 or 4 or Case packs!