Bio-Strath Liquid 8.4 OZ

GEL83 1311
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12/case directions: as a dietary supplement, take 1 teaspoonful three times daily. Frequency may be doubled for 2-3 days. Children under 12: half the adult dose. Serving size: one (1) teaspoonful ingredients: saccharamyces cerevisiae 5018mg proprietary herbal blend 102mg angelica root, lemon balm leaf, basil aerial parts, chamomile flower, cinnamon bark, caraway seed, elder flower, fennel seed, horseradish root, hyssop leaf, lavender flower, parsley aerial parts, peppermint leaf, sage leaf, thyme aerial parts other ingredients: malt extract, raw honey, orange juice alcohol through fermentation:3.2% alcohol. 12/13/16