Organic White Tea Facts That You Can’t Afford To Miss!

For centuries, the Chinese society drinks various types of tea as part of their dietary supplements. Not many people are aware that organic white tea can benefit more when compared to any other types such as green tea.

White tea comes from the leaves of Camellia sinensis - scientific name of the tea plant. The leaves are harvested while they are very young for obtaining the buds still covered in fine silvery-white hairs. These white hairs give the tea its name - white tea. The highest quality is harvested in the springtime, usually from March through April.

There are a few things about white tea that you will want to know. That's where this article will help. On behalf of Green Essence Living - A Web-Based Grocery Store (find the link below) I am posting some white tea facts in the pointers below. Also, if you are way ahead with your research, you can simply scroll down and click the link for making purchases.

Facts About Organic White Tea
1.Once hand-plucked, the buds and leaves are then gently air dried for some hours without going through the fermentation process, unlike black tea. As the handling and processing are very minimal, white tea retains a great proportion of antioxidants. Since white tea is rare, it might be slightly expensive than black or green tea.

2.The top quality white tea – "Silver Needle," consists of only unopened and undamaged buds. Other white tea types combine young leaves that are no longer buds with the silvery white hair like White Peony.


3.Antioxidants in white tea are abundant. Our modern life is always exposed to free radicals from polluted air, stress and many other sources. Free radicals can harm the body and accelerate the aging process to a greater extent. Also, it can damage tissues that will eventually affect your organs. That means a cup of white tea a day can keep the aging process in check.

4.In today's stressful modern life, one can easily experience hypertension. It can lead to more serious ailments like stroke and other cardiovascular-related diseases. Studies indicate that white tea can soften thickened blood (a condition occurring due to cholesterol or free radicals) hence smoothing the functions of the artery.

5.Another benefit of white tea is, it kills bacteria and germs in the mouth thus preventing any gum and periodontal diseases. Also, consuming white tea daily will not only strengthen your bone thus preventing osteoporosis, but will even help you to cope up with modern lifestyle diseases like liver diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Although white tea may be a bit expensive, it is worth every penny. No doubt, the taste is lighter unlike other tea types, but the health benefits are way greater. Moreover, it contains less caffeine as well!

To Summarize,

Organic white tea is becoming more and more popular, and consumers can even find it next to green tea in most supermarkets as well as web stores like Green Essence Living with brands like Tazo Tea and Numi Tea offering several fruit-flavored varieties. As news of its subtle taste and healthier benefits reach every consumer's ears, this type of tea is becoming the next big thing.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Fit.

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