Everyday Detox 16 BAGS

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6/case directions: pour 8oz freshly boiled water over one (1) tea bag. Cover cup & steep 10-15 minutes. Enjoy 2-3 cups daily. Do not use if you have an allergy to daisy family plants, have obstructed bile ducts, gallbladder issues, or painful obstructions of the bowel. For adults only! Serving size: one (1) cup brewed tea ingredients: organic chicory root roasted 255 mg organic dandelion root roasted 255 mg schisandra fruit dry extract (10:1) 225 mg organic schisandra fruit 75 mg organic lycium fruit dry extract (12:1) 75 mg *** proprietary blend 615 mg organic licorice root, organic ginger rhizome, organic star anise fruit, organic kukicha twig (contains 2mg caffeine) best if drunk daily for six weeks, followed by a break of up to a week before resuming. Non-gmo project verified/kosher 01/25/19