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Ten Day Results - Get Well Stay Well 60 CAP

High stress, lack of sleep, close contact in confined areas, and many other factors can lead to a compromised immune system. With so many environmental factors stacked against us, supporting the immune system becomes a necessity. 10 Day Get-Well Stay-Well is designed to get you past your down time and build you up so it wont re-occur anytime soon. By taking a full dose, (6 capsules per day) you can get yourself back on top of your game, and once you're there, 10-Day Get-Well Stay-Well can help you stay there with only 2 capsules per day for maintenance.

Directions For Use: At first sign of imbalance, take 2 capsules 3 times daily. This dose may be increased to 4 capsules 3 times daily until desired results are achieved, Stay well with a maintenance dose of 2 capsules daily. All doses may be taken with or without food.

Contains: Vitamin C 500mg, Beta-Carotene 1.5mg, Zinc 10mg, Elderberry 125mg, Echinacea Root (4.1 extract) 150mg, Propolis 100mg, Isatis 88mg, Olive leaf 100mg, Cayenne.