Insect Bites 1 OZ

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12/case directions: adults & children over 12: spray twice under the tongue up to 6 times per day until symptoms are relieved. Children 12 & under: consult your doctor prior to use. Ingredients: apis mellifica 3x & 200c, grindelia 6x, hypericum perforatum 6x, arnica montana 200c, conium maculatum 200c, histaminum hydrochloricum 12x, calendula officinalis 3x, pyrogenium 30c, latrodectus mactans 30c, lachesis mutus 200c, tarentula cubensis 10x, anthracinum 200c, euphorbia plulifera 4x, echinacea 3x, ledum palustre 6x & 30x other ingredients: organic alcohol 20% v/v, purified water 12/06/16