Herbs Vs Supplements - Traditional Medicinals - Which One To Choose

The human body is a complex network of varied functions that needed different vitamins and minerals to run. Along with functioning, these vital minerals are responsible for repairing the wear and tear that happens daily. They keep the body strong to fight back infections and sicknesses. Deficiency of any could result in weakness and lethargic routine. To make up for these diminished levels, the market is flooded with supplement and herbs that compensate for these nutrients. But how do we know which one is more effective and worth buying? Let us discover that.


Herbs are the naturally occurring plants that have many health benefits, whereas supplements are processed form of herbs. Supplements contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. In addition, dietary supplements are considered as a food rather than medicine by WebMD. Herbs are essentially used to treat medical conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, and diabetes.

Which one to choose?

Herbs have been used for medical purposes for thousands of years like Echinacea to prevent colds, Ginkgo to improve memory and Flaxseed to lower cholesterol. On the other hand, dietary supplements are a subject to scientific scrutiny because these are not magic pills and consuming them without doctor’s advice could result in complications. The main reason that supports herbs over supplements is that the former is 100% natural and does not have any counter indications. They can be easily grown in the backyard or can be purchased in bulk herbs wholesale from a licensed dealer. Most importantly, a number of dietary supplements available in the markets are not FDA approved while herbal supplements are regulated by the FDA. Depending on the condition and various other factors like age and sex of the individual, herbal supplement is recommended. Considering the effectiveness and side effects, herbal supplements are more beneficial in treating the cause of discomfort with minimal to no side effects.

Where to buy?

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