Secure Dental Adhesive Sensitive 1.4 OZ

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60/case suggested use: clean and dry your dentures thoroughly. Secure sensitive adhesive can only develop its full adhesive power when the dentures are completely dry. Apply cream to your dentures by squeezing the tube slightly. Warm the tube in hand if it is too cold to let the adhesive come out easily. Apply cream to your dentures in strips (as shown in the diagrams below and on the package), making sure the adhesive is not too close to the edge of the denture. To avoid clogging, close tube tightly immediately after use. Insert dentures into mouth and bite firmly. To remove residue from gums, use a soft toothbrush and warm water. Ingredients: miglyol (derived from glycerin), solution of polyvinyl acetate (non water-soluble ingredient used as *** the base of many chewing gums), sodium carboxymethylcellulose (derived from tree bark), aloe vera gel, commiphora myrrha extract. 04/23/12