Simply Organic Seasoning Mix - Fajita - Case Of 12 - 1 Oz.

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simply organic fajita mix has bold, rich flavor from organic chili peppers, garlic, onion and black pepper.In tex-mex cuisine, fajita is a generic term referring to grilled meat on a flour or corn tortilla.But there's nothing generic about a fajita made with our fajita mix.Includes one 1 oz.Packet of simply organic fajita mix.We support and encourage the growth of organic farming practices and are committed to integrity in products and the way we do business.With simply organic you can feel good about the food on your table and its effect on the world we live in.

ingredients: organic maltodextrin;organic chili pepper;organic garlic;organic potato starch;sea salt;organic onion;organic cumin;organic black peper;organic rice concentrate;organic oregano;organic coriander