Vetiver Laundry Pods 24 LD

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6/case ingredients: sodium carbonate peroxide - cleans, removes stains,brightens sodium carbonate - enhances cleaning sodium bicarbonate - cleans + improves solubility sodium chloride - softens water for improved cleaning sodium citrate - softens water for improved cleaning sodium metasilicate - helps break up stains tetraacetylethylenediamine-activates sodium carbonate peroxide sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate - penetrates & removes stains fragrance - contains essential oils along with a blend of safe man-made ingredients c9-11 pareth-6 - penetrates & removes stains hydrated silica - anti-caking *** citric acid - enhances solubility protease enzyme blend (subtilisn) - removes blood, egg, gravy and oils based stains lipase enzyme blend - removes cooking oil, butter and other oil based stains alpha-amylase enzyme blend - removes stains from potatoes, rice, pasta and oatmeal polyvinyl alcohol - forms the pod 12/7/15