How To Organic White Tea – Taste and its Benefits

Traditional organic white tea comes from China. Now, Sri Lanka and India have also joined the league of producing white tea. It originates from the untreated and young Camellia sinensis leaves. These tea buds have less caffeine and are delicate. It’s these untreated buds that give its distinctive flavor and character.

The supplies are limited since it is harvested only for two or three days per year! Like its delicate taste,its harvesting is fragile as well. Before the first flowers get a chance to open, harvesters pluck it for immediate drying with minimal processing. A cup of white tea has a sweet floral flavor which is refreshing and lingering. Some people tend to steep it for long because of its mild flavor. White tea is soft and smooth. It doesn’t offer an intense and bold blend.

Hybrids and Non Hybrids – their Processing

There is no significant difference. One difference that you can notice with the hybridized versions is its greater aroma and blend. The non-hybridized or the natural one will lack this feature.

Both these types of white tea grow in similar climatic conditions. To get the highest quality, make sure that you buy the non-hybridized ones. The processing is natura as well for both the natural and the hybridized. Leaves are left for drying under the sun. Among all available teas on the market, organic white tea is the purest of them. It is because white tea doesn’t undergo any chemical processing.

Health Benefits from White Tea

White tea is low in caffeine and is a source of anti-oxidants. It helps people live a healthier lifestyle. Thus it is the best accepted solution for weight loss and burning calories. Some of the well-known benefits of white tea are:

• It helps to lower cholesterol levels

• It reduces blood pressure and

• Reduces the risk of cancer

Another excellent benefit is; it acts as a protection against the Parkinson’s disease. Thus it is also a beneficial solution for reducing the risks of a stroke.

White tea also makes a person stronger and improves the immune system. When the immune system performs at its optimal levels,many diseases stay at bay!

White tea helps in raising the metabolic rate and thus helps lose weight at around 3 – 5 pounds per week. You will also need to stick to a proper diet for ensuring proper weight loss. Further,it is also a perfect anti aging substance.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Fit.