10 Days of Sunshine 60 CAP

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10 Days of Sunshine was thoughtfully formulated to mimic the feelings of well-being that come from a warm sunny day. Can this be done with a capsule? Why not? After all Vitamin D3 comes from the sun. Plus whole food Vitamin B and C complex help nourish the nerves and fight stress. Added to these is the Sunshine on Your Shoulder Blend, this blend feeds the mind by relaxing over excitement in the brain and improving mental focus. The Sunshine is So Soothing Blend blocks cortisol and reduces stress with Ashwagandha extract.

Directions For Use: (2) capsules (3) times a day. For maintenance take 1 capsule twice daily preferably when stress hits. Can be taken with or without meals.

Ingredients: vitamin d3 5000 iu vitamin b-3 30mg vitamin c 50mg vitamin b-5 35mg vitamin b-1 20mg vitamin b-6 15mg vitamin b-2 10mg vitamin b-12 20mcg vitamin c and vitamin b complexes are 100% whole food.